How Much to Charge for Fertilizing and Liming

To fertilize, I charge per application. Although the raw material price fluctuates for each application, I charge a fixed price for a routine service (4 applications per year.)

This price will be the estimated cost of the fertilizer I use plus $15-$35 to apply it.  Generally, a $30 lawn will have a $50 fertilizer application charge, a $40 lawn a $60 fertilizer charge, and a $50 lawn a $75 fertilizer application charge.

It takes no time at all to put it down (5 to 25 mins), but what you charge for is the “knowledge,” arriving at their property, and the time it takes for you to pick up the material.


How Much to Charge for Liming:

I charge $10 to apply a bag of lime, and I wouldn’t charge any less than $30 for any given application. My cost is $3.50 per bag. For routine treatment, the rule of thumb is that 1 bag goes down for every 1000 square feet.  I can

pretty much eyeball a property and estimate the square footage.

If you need to measure the square feet, pace the property’s width and length and count your steps. Multiply your steps in each direction by three and then multiply them together. Sutract the area of the house or any gardens etc.

For example, if you pace a property and it is 50 steps in one direction and 25 steps in the other, calculate it this way:

50*3= 150 feet wide

25*3= 75 feet long

150*75= 11,250 square feet

If the house is 10 paces long and 12 paces wide, subtract this area. This would be calculated as follows:

10*3= 30 feet wide

12*3 = 36 feet long

30*36 = 1080 square feet

So the total area to be limed would be 11,250-1080= 10,170 square feet.

Divide this by 1000 sq feet per bag, and you get 10,170/1000= 10.17 bags of lime. Multiply this by 10 and you get around $100 as a price.