First Steps for Starting a Lawn Service Business

This page is a summary of the steps needed to start a lawn care business. The links below lead to other pages on this site for easy reference.

1. If possible, work for someone else for a summer first. This will greatly accelerate your learning and success. No matter how much you read, there is no replacement for practice and experience.

2. Read this site in its entirety; ask me questions, read, read this e-book, Read read read!

3. Save money! How much? (optional). You can always use credit, but I would do so with caution.

4. Form an LLC

5. Open bank accounts (page to come soon)

6. Obtain liability insurance (page to come soon)

7. Obtain contractors license (optional)

8. Obtain a Worker’s Compensation policy (Optional) (page to come soon)

9. Purchase Equipment

10. Start a Website and set up Adwords (page to come soon)

11. Put out Flyers